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respiratorG'day folks,

As a follow up to my rant on looking after our lungs I believe I've found a respirator that all of us could wear whilst doing most tasks in the shop. There are a number of them on the market out there ranging from the $2 disposable to the $1100 full face enclosed models. This one ticked all my boxes for protection from the dust I generate and price and was purchased from Timbecon here in WA for $195.00.

This one is a Safe Air Power Mask with a replaceable particulate filter. It comes supplied with 2 x P1 filter and also 10 throw away paper pre filters to help prolong the life of the main filter. The body of the face mask is silicon so it conforms very well to seal and is washable. It is also small enough to enable those of us that are challenged in the eyesight dept to still wear the specs halfway down the nose still.

The beauty of this mask is it is also pressurised, so for those of us with a beard, ya in luck. Also because its pressurised , ya glasses don’t fog up either and if ya in the warmer climate, the nice stream of air is so refreshing. 3 bonuses in one package for me!!!!

The pressurisation is supplied by a small battery pack containing 4 x AA batteries that is clipped on to the belt or slipped into the back pocket. In the front of the mask where the filter is screwed on there is a small 2 speed fan which pulls air through the filter and blows into your mouth and nose. With rechargeable batteries you would be laughing but as yet ive not even flattened the Energizers.

There is an adjustable strap that sits atop your head and then a simple strap with clip goes around the back of your head.

I believe you will not buy a better unit at the moment and im sure you would put a lot higher value than $195.00 on your lungs.

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