Guild Admin Manager Role



  • Member Services: Manage all aspects of the Guild membership.
  • Processing financial accounts and presenting invoices to the committee for payment. Utilise accounting software and liaise with third party book keepers
  • Manage all guild events
  • Actively work with our membership to generate content and publish on allsocial media and newsletters.
  • Work with web developers to provide content and maintain our website 
  • Represent the guild at shows around Australia if required.
  • Communicate actively with all members and prospective members to ensure the aims of the association are being met.
  • Organize fundraising and raffles that support our aims and membership. 
  • Accurately record hours worked and tasks performed.
  • Perform any administrative or operative tasks as set by the committee from time to time.
  • Work from home.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Advanced administration skills and experience essential.
  • Proven design and layout capabilities including experience with publishing software highly desirable. 
  • Ability to manage web page design and content.
  • Highly self-motivated.
  • Highly developed verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Strong attention to detail with a high level of accuracy (“Accounting Software Xero”)
  • High initiative and forward thinking. Solution not problem orientated.
  • Ability to multi-task and manage competing priorities while meeting deadlines
  • Good ability to work in Excel and Microsoft based programs.

Hours: 8 hours a week Working From Home

Salary: Negotiable 

  1. To apply contact Robert Beech by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Australian Knifemakers Guild Scholarships and GIVEAWAY!
Please help spread the word!
With Covid restrictions still in place across Australia and many people making knives at home, and the Australian Knifemakers Guild being hamstrung by the inability to run their fantastic knifemaking events, Gameco Artisan Supplies are offering the following to anyone who wishes to join the guild, upgrade their membership, or to guild members that give their time to help on Social Media.
The Australian Knifemakers Guild as it is the peak industry body for Australian Knifemakers and one of the not for profit associations within The Australian Knifemaking Industry. Gameco would like to acknowledge the work that the Guild does in promoting and developing the skills of knifemakers.
Gameco will offer 9 Scholarships of payment of the $150 membership fee to the Guild for the 2021 financial year broken down as follows:
Three scholarships for the best three new members to achieve Probationary Membership as judged by the guilds state reps. Entrants must have followed official guild membership application rules and the assessment knives must be in the hands of the state representatives by the 31st December 2020.
Three scholarships for the best three members who upgrade from probationary to full membership, as judged by the guild state reps. Entrants must have followed official guild membership application rules and the assessment knives must be in the hands of the state representatives by the 31st December 2020.
Three Scholarships for the three most helpful guild members on social media as nominated and judged by their peers on a vote held on the guild’s members only group in January 2021.
Additionally, Gameco will offer approximately 70 x $50 Gameco gift vouchers for the first people to successfully gain probationary or upgrade to full membership between 30/10/2020 and 31/12/2020. To be eligible all applicants must post about their application and work in progress photos in social media and mention the guild.
Gameco trusts that these prizes will offer strong incentive for new members to join and probationary members to upgrade to full membership.
We thank the guild for the opportunity to support the Australian knifemaking community and we look forward to playing a part in advancing the quality of Australian Knives and knifemaking.
Gameco will provide the scholarships as payments to the guild.
Gameco will provide the gift vouchers directly to the recipient. The guild must nominate and judge all scholarships and provide a list of the recipients of gift vouchers.
Stay tuned for more details and comment below if you would like more information.
Stay tuned also for a special Knifemaking Down Under/Gameco sponsored presentation from Mastersmith Shawn McIntyre on how guild knives are judged and what to consider when you make your assessment knives.

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