Probationary Membership

Probationary membership is intended for those new makers who wish to become voting members of the Guild. Before being accepted as a Probationary member, new makers must submit three knives to their State representative for appraisal. These are rated against a set of criteria. The applicant needs to pass 10 of the 20 criteria to be accepted as a probationary member.

Twelve months later a further three knives must be submitted for appraisal. The probationary member must achieve a score of 18 out of twenty across thr three knives before the admission of the Probationer to Full membership is voted on by members at the next Annual General Meeting of the Guild.

For makers who do not wish to pursue full membership but still wish to enjoy the benefits of membership, Associate membership may be a more attractive option.  If you are interested in becoming a Probationary member please contact the secretary for further information. 

Click here to download a Probationary membership form

Click here to see the assessment criteria and form

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